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  1. Attention Aspiring Actors, Models, Singers n More

    Panache The Face of the Glamour World

    We as an agency help aspiring models & actors by giving them real time contact information from directors, actors , producers to designers anyone to everyone in the Bollywood & Television Industry. Do not waste your efficiency in running after agencies fetching money out of you get real…get panache.

    Contact us for buying contact information/ direct contact information from Bollywood to Television Everyone , FROM Writers to Cinematographer , from choregrapher to Photographers.

    Remember this is not a free database. Minimum Purchase 10-20 Contacts for 5000 INR.

    Different Packages Available contact today to reach out to your dreams , directly get in touch with the glamour world.


    SMS or CALL ON : 9953853705 / 9953853719

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