How to become a Model?

FAQ @ IMM – Indian Male Models Blog


How to become a Model? STEP by STEP!

If you think you are looking more attractive like our male models of the month than start with building your portfolio. Find a professional photographer in your region and make your first shooting with minimum 10 pictures.

Build your own lookbook (portfolio) and send it to IMM – Indian Male Models Blog. Our team will check it and if it is good enough we will showcase it on our blog.

We need also some further information about you to write an article about you plus your measurements.

• Minimum 10 professional pics
• Your measurements
• Info text about You

Send it to IMM – Indian Male Models Blog:

After we publish an article on IMM – Indian Male Models Blog you must start with own PR on social media. Create a “Facebook like page” and share the article or do it on your private “Facebook Account”.

If you are good enough and get a lot of likes and response than you are the new candidate of our IMM – Indian Male Models Contest “Male Model of the Month”

Make more and more shootings with different international and national professional photographers and make your Lookbook (Portfolio) bigger and bigger. Now you can go to castings and model agencies.

And tell us always about your news that we can share this news frequently on your IMM – Indian Male Models Blog.

Important Information:
We are not a model agency. We are an international platform and showcase and support international and indian models for the indian, Asian and International markets.

2015 we also planing to start more under the IMM – Indian Male Models Brand… Be curious. The first magazine will come out very soon.

IMM – Indian Male Models Blog is the fastest growing Blog for Indian Male Models in the world…

The right High…???

Every week one indian male model ask me about the right height. Normal is 6.0+ for the ramp. If you you are smaller than 6.0 than you also can work as model for photo shootings (advertising, fashion editorial, catalog, or commercials) By the way: I also saw male models with less than 6.0 on the ramp in India… If you have the right attitude than you also can rock the ramp with a smaller size than 6.0…


NO Selfies with mobile phones. NO Pictures with mobile phones
NO pictures with wearing sunglasses

Thanks… We are looking forward to hear from you…

Social Media: Facebook Groups

Be part of the social media network on Facebook. There you will find a lot of casting calls and further information.

Link to > Important Facebook Groups for Indian Male Models


  1. shahabuddin

    Hello Sir, my name is Shahabuddin and i want to be model and my Hight 6.2 n I’m good looking but my face color some dark n mujhe koi link nahi milta sir so plz tell me about this plz sir

    • Vishvas

      As you said you are 6.0 + but you are not fair … colour doesn’t matter …but if you are more then you should think about mains is your attitude , role model pics with professionals photographers … And you should try with your confidence my friend colour is important ..if you are more black then should skin treatment by professionals saloons and you will improve your colour then you can send your photos on IMM…

  2. Puneet Soni

    Dear sir
    I am 5’5 ft tall and I am 22 years old attractive personality. How to try in modelling I am really serious about it I wanna be from my childhood. Puneet 9001077462

  3. Ankit

    Hlo.. i want to ask i that my height is almist 5.7 is their any hope that i m able to be a model my clour is very more fair i have an enough atitude i have evry ability to be a model bt i having a problem about my height can u suggest me that what can i do

  4. Sahil

    Hlw my name i sahil i belong to kashmir .. My height is 5.9 n weight is 68.. Yea i m gud lukng n hv nice physique i mean averg 1 but so attractive though i m nt doing gym.. Want to be a model

  5. abhay

    hi sir my slf abhay my hight is 5feet9inchs and smrt look according to my frds
    mai modaling join karana chahata hooon pls help me and give me your view .
    my no. is 8601175192

  6. Dhananjoy Nandy

    Hllo sir …. My self Dhanajoy…from west Bengal…. i am 6ft 2 inch..26 year old attractive lookong guy..i want to join as a model. How can i achive my ambition …pls help me.

  7. Krishna Choudhary

    Hello sir
    My name is Krishna Choudhary I’m from Rajasthan
    My height is 6.4
    And my color is very fair I want to become model

  8. Abhii arora

    Hii my name abhii arora n m from kurukshetra . M 6’2 ft n well builded body i want to become modal but there is so less oppurtunity fr this scope plz help me out.

  9. Arjun Shekhawat

    Hi, My height is 6ft and I’m 21 And I look attractive too But I don’t have enough money to begin with suvh process….Is there any other option for me without investment…as my parents don’t want me to become a model so they won’t help me…any suggestions? Can I get some help?

  10. Arjun Shekhawat

    Hi, My height is 6ft and I’m 21 And I look attractive too But I don’t have enough money to begin with suvh process….Is there any other option for me without investment…as my parents don’t want me to become a model so they won’t help me…any suggestions? Can I get some help?

  11. himanshu naruka

    Hey ! I am from delhi, am 16 year old, and want to be a model as my aim , my heigth is 5’9 , color medium , physically and maintally am totally fit . Contact please 7530913535 thankyou!

  12. Tanu singh

    Dear sir
    I am transgender from india…and since last 4-5 years m into fashion industry and work as a makeup artist and did so many shoot with good photoghaper of Delhi but some how i always wish to work as a model and sometimes i did some shoot also but due to society and industry ignorance,hatness for trans girls i stop my feeling and never try to come out…but now Anjli lama trans model from nepal come out and give me so much strenght to explore my self and i wants to make my India proud with trans model beauty as Anjli lama make proud Nepal….pls help me to contact with those ppl who will help me to reach my dreams and support indian transgender models. i am promise to my india fashion industry that i will make everyone proud with my talent,beauty and confident.
    Pls visit my fb id for my pics and you will glad to know that i look more pretty then other female models.
    Facebook – Tanu singh

  13. Hey ! I am from gwalior am 22 year old, and want to be a model as my aim , my heigth is 5’9 , color medium , physically and maintally am totally fit . Contact please 8085057867 thankyou!

  14. Saurabh Singh Rana

    Respected sir/maam
    I’m 19 year old, with charming and attractive personality 185 CM tall, fair complex,well buileded body and good shape face cut. I wana ask that what’s the procedure of becoming Fitness model. I hope you’ll reply me as soon as possible.
    Thank you

  15. Saif khan

    Sir My name is saif khan my height is 5:5 and full on attitude with attrection plss kuch tips bataiye kese bn skta hu m modale

  16. firoz

    Hello sir
    My name is firoz ali my height is 5’9 tall n i m from mumbai my face look is attractive and fair and my body is fit so my dream is made a model…so plz answering me

  17. Abhishek Agnihotri

    Sir ,I want to know that my height is 5’7 and I’m 17 years old and I look good and attractive so can I be teen model ? Please tell.+919084351281

  18. agstya dewangn

    so guys those who r shorter than 6.0, dont worry about it because in India there r many model who made it big without even 5.9, if u r worry about ur height than try some exercises to increase ur height of about 2 to 3 inches. like- just do daily cycling for 25 mins.,do skipping for 10 min,jump 20 to 30 times,do some starching exercises..these all exercise will definitely help u in growing ur height n will lead to a new confidence in urself

    • Thanks a lot for this comment. We agree with you. Our opinion is that some guys under 6.0 have better attitude and personality to walk on the ramp and fill the whole stage with powerful energy… But unfortunately lot of agencies and clients only book 6.+ guys shows and as well it is also international standard – Model-Management is an international business.

  19. Jatin

    Hii sir/mam
    Myself jatin from ludhiana . My age is 18 nd my chest size is 42 incs,bisep 15.3inces and my height is 5.8 approx. I think my height is not sufficient for modelling but i want to become you suggest me what can i do ?

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