with Ernest Look

Since we believe that quality management and superior services and products are overly important to serve our clients’ needs, we have our own three in-house catwalk-coaches for our modelpool.
One of which is Ernest Look. We already wrote an article where we gave a deeper insight of who he is and where he comes from.
You can read it here.

In preparation to our Yes We Do Fashion Show, Ernest gave a Catwalk-Training to our Models who would later that day then be seen on the ramp.
The event took place at the famos Watergate Club which has this nice, floating, wooden deck outside, a one of a kind location.
First Ernest had a briefing with our owner Florian and our event-manager and choreographer Swen to discuss the choreography of the ramp show before the training so that he could prepare the models accordingly.
He divided the Models into two groups – male and female. Then he would teach every group independently according to their needs.

Two of the models who walked the show this evening were newcomers that had won a model contest at Umwelthauptstadt.

Then, Ernest put on his High Heels and started training the models who had a lot of fun and learned new skills and/or improved their existing catwalk skills.

Everyone had great fun but see for yourself…
Not as easy as it might look: Catwalk training on a floating, wooden deck. Ernest and the models are getting ready for class.

Ernest putting on his High Heels.

Briefing about the upcoming show and choreography with owner Florian and event-manager Swen.

As you can see, everyone is having fun learning from Ernest.

Ernest giving also one-on-one training to individually take care of the models’ skills.

The right foot-work is very important.

And also the boys are getting their training on how to perfectly walk the ramp. Look at their concentrated faces, hillarious!

But they’re having fun as well, like the rest of the team!

All pictures (c) by Felix Rückert.

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