Jumino Kristrinanto –

Hairdresser & Make Up Artist.

He was born on November 18, 1977 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

He is very talented hairstylist which he got from his grandfather who was also a hairstylist too. He never thought a bit to work in the „art“ branch, which has connection particularly to fashion and mode. As a child, he wanted to build his career in a military as his family wanted too. After he graduated from a senior high school. He went to a Military University Yogyakarta.

During his study he has been working as assistant modeling. That was first time that he started to like mode branch. After his study was finish, he got a big accident that he had to burry his dream to work in a military and had to change to other direction.

Behind the Scene /// Mila Miyahara Fashionshow Berlin /// Photographer : Jannes Frubel

In year 2001 he got an offer coming from a famous barber shop „Budi Susanto Bridal & Beauty Salon“ which usually family of Palace, famous politicians, celebrities and models are typical its customer. In that beauty salon he worked and learnt about make-up and hairstyling.

In year 2006 Jumino flew to berlin for holiday and he was very interested in the city Berlin. After 6 years he worked for Budi Susanto Bridal & Beauty Salon, finally he decided to move and live in Berlin.

Behind the Scene /// Mila Miyahara Fashionshow Berlin /// Photographer : Jannes Frubel

His strong will, ambitious, discipline, working professionally has finally paid off and it brought him to the an international level in the mode branch in Germany.

Jumino has ever handled Schwarzkopf Show, Tribute To Bambi, Jakarta-Berlin Arts Festival, Duft Star, Movie Meets Media, Internationale Filmfestspiele (Berlinale ), Berlin Fashion Week and so on.

Honest and modest asian attitude he has, that make people comfort to be around him.

Model : Therese Taplick /// Designer : Ani Koprivlenska /// Photographer : Marie Staggat

Photographer : David Brad /// Model : Niklas Kinzel

Photographer : David Brad /// Model : Simone Jones

Photographer : Putera Agung Mahendra /// Model : Laura

Photograapher : Cedric Bijan Soltani Schirazi /// Model : Julia Schmidt

Photographer : Putera Agung Mahendra /// Model : Nancy Deutschmann

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