Nipun from Delhi…

Say Hello to the young guy and New Face from New Delhi. 

Tell us about yourself: I’m a graduate in Mechanical Engineering, I graduated in 2011, I’ve been among most notorious students in school as well in college, but never let myself down in studies, I go to gym daily to keep myself fit,and play guitar in free time .I’ve been lead Guitarist of my college band, I’ve been teaching guitar to others as well, I love interacting with new people , I’m a good leader as well . when this old lady in bank said that I’ve got nice eyes and good height and suggested to try me into modelling  and I thought yes I’m gonna do it very soon, fuel  to my sexiness-I just can’t afford to miss my gym, eat healthy live sexy…

Information about Nipun:

Nick name: Punnu
City: Delhi

Height: 182 cms
Eye colour: Hazel
Hair colour: Black
Skin colour: Fair
Star sign: Libra

Chest size: 36
Waist: 32
Hips: 32
Weight: 77kg

What he LOVES:

What is your biggest weakness?: I’m quite emotional, I consider it as my weakness

Professional exp-Fresher in modelling field, done 2 shoots.

1st kiss…best till day

Wild dream…to be with my girlfriend on Mars, all alone


Hidden fear-Rides

Favorite song-I need you

Favorite movie-Topgun

Favorite dance form-Salsa

Veg or non veg-veg

Favorite color-red

Favorite brand-Lacoste

Favorite car-Jaguar

Favorite fruit-pomegranate

Favorite flower-Lotus

Favorite drink-pina colada

Favorite cuisine/ place.-south indian/Uttranchal

Hobbies-Playing guitar, surfing wikipedia

What work are you most proud of-helping old age people, I used to teach computer to old age people

How did you get into modeling-I wanted to be a model from my childhood and when I met my cousin who is also into this field helped me a lot in grooming myself to become a model

What are the 5 things you can’t live without-cellphone, my car, laptop,ipod ,my aviators

Where do you see yourself in 10 years-well established in my field and happy with my family

Modeling for  you is-Satisfaction, as I always wanted to do it

Place to spend holiday-Goa

Which  fruit can describe your sexiness-Apple

When u came to know that you are sexy- when I was 20

What is the sexiest part of u-my Eyes

hidden talent-I drive very fast when alone

in afterlife-want peace

If not modeling wt would u have done-I think I would have left India for higher studies

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