Rajat K. Tangri – Fashion Designer & Stylist!

Article and Interview – BY ABHIJIT SAIPREM.

Rajat K Tangri speaks about Comfort, sensual elegance, urban style and his dreams in a telephonic. Rajat Tangri is an Indian Fashion Designer & a Celebrity Stylist. He specializes in high-end western couture and prat for men and women.

About label: Named after the designer, this label encompasses a vivid fashion spectrum from inimitable Prêt Pieces in dresses, shirts, trousers, dresses and jumpsuits to haute couture gowns and suits. The label’s Commitment to luxury, through carefully selected fabrics, hand finished detailing and contemporary Signature silhouettes focus on making clients look good and feel gorgeous. Over the years Rajat has built a loyal following for his high fashion cocktail wear with unique hand Finished detailing and contemporary silhouettes.Rajat’s creation have found a loyal following in the Celebrity world with divas such as Kangna Ranaut,Bipasha Basu,Chitrangda Singh,Minnisha Lamba, Sonam Kapoor, Sushmita Sen and stars like Randeep Hooda, Vidyut Jamval, Sonu Sood and several others Opting to wear this label.Rajat has also been actively been courted by leading film producers to style the Look of characters in their films.Rajat landed in Australia in 1998 to make his dream a reality by undertaking a degree in Bachelor of Design (fashion) and later an advanced Diploma (textiles clothing and Production) from the prestigious Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He trained under prestigious Australian fashion industry name. Like Karen Webster-Program Director (RMIT-Fashion) and ex festival Director, L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. He also won a “Young Designer Fashion Award’ in the “Eveningwear” category in 2003 by sheepvention, an annual event held in Hamilton,Victoria.On completion of his formal education,Rajat gained local industry experience before landing in Mumbai in 2004. Later in 2005, Rajat’s dream turned into reality when he launched his own label ‘Rajat k Tangri’ creating Exclusive designs for both Men and women.Rajat’s designs beautifully project an artistic inspiration with a fusion of Indian design philosophy and technique with the west’s concept of product and design.Rajat’s Design depicts a beautiful and elegant fusion of East and west, has a high exclusivity factor which adds to their attraction .Internationally inspired and are eye catching. While the fabrics are carefully chosen to represent soft, fluid experience with well woven and textured cloth, structures remain “easy going” and  are seen in versatile forms.

Lakme fashion week 2012 Autumn/winter.

Rajat’s recent autumn /winter collectionshowingat Lakme fashion week was well appreciated and liked by masses. His collection named “La Cosa Nostra”where strength and structure contrast elegantly with fragility, with versatile pieces from ethereally feminine gowns to sharply tailored daywear that build fantasy and rebellion on the runway reminiscent of the compelling glamour, romanticism, danger and mystery that surrounds legends of underworld dons and their divas.

At Lakme fashion week held in First week of August in Hotel Grand Hyatt Mumbai, India.

Abhijit:  How did it all start your journey into fashion?

Rajat:    At an early age, I drew inspiration from my father (who drew paintings) and realized, my talent in expression of art lay in “fashion”. When I started showing keen interest in styling my siblings and spending time with fabrics, slowly a dream to become a fashion designer was born.

Abhijit: Which designer have always influenced and inspired you?

Rajat:    My inspiration comes from early 1920’s and evolves.Vionnet, Lanvin to contemporary designers namely Alexander McQueen and many others. Revolutionary designers have always influenced me.

Abhijit: We all know you do styling and costume designing for Bollywood movies. How is styling     different from designing?

Rajat:    Yes! I have been doing styling and costume designing over the years and it has helped me evolve as a designer and vice –versa. When I am styling, I feel more confident because of my technical understanding of garments in terms of construction, proportion, practicality, fit and so on.

I enjoy doing both and I feel they definitely go hand in hand with each other.

Abhijit: Do you try to send out a message or theme in your clothes? I mean how does a collection start?

Rajat:    I begin with trend research! Colour trends play a major role. After freezing on trends and colors, I come up with a theme in my collections. I get influenced by only color palette and certain silhouettes and apply with my own understanding.

Abhijit: Tell me about your favorite fabrics and colours? How do you choose your fabrics?

Rajat:    I like experimenting with various kinds of fabrics .From flowy fabrics to structured, stiffer fabrics. It all depends on the theme and my choice varies accordingly.

When it comes to color Black tops my list!

I choose well-woven and textured luxury fabrics in various colors with luxury craftsmanship and exquisite fine finishing. Keeping in mind the label’s principles of comfort, sensual elegance and urban style for a soft and fluid experience.

Abhijit: What is your favourite season for fashion?

Rajat:   (Laughs!)Both!!!Every season offers its own excitement and challenge. But I feel I love Autumn/winter more. At the same time spring summer has feminine, delicate fashion to offer.

Abhijit: How many different sizes you offer?

Rajat:    I generally follow uk8, uk10, uk12, etc but I follow different sizes depending on client and buyer requirements .It varies from clients to clients.

Abhijit: What is your target age group?

Rajat:    Well, in Australian market fashion crazy young girls in the age group of 17 to 19 years are my target age group. But as a whole say in the bracket of 17 to 50 years.

Abhijit: How would you define your city’s fashion i.e. Mumbai?

Rajat:    Mumbai fashion is more comfortable and casual chic. The fashion is also influenced by Bollywood and accepted by masses. It has got variety to offer. While Delhi is more edgy avant garde and also high in designer fashion. Both the cities have uniqueness to offer.

Abhijit: What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label?

Rajat:    The risks that are involved in it. Clothes need to have practical element and should be commercially successful at the same time. Proper planning and focus are must-haves. Offering clothes with a balance of innovativeness and practical element is smartness.

Abhijit: Where do you retail your clothes?

Rajat:    Atosa, Fuel, Dressing Room, Atosa etc in India. Internationally Noir desire, Corset in Riyadh, Cologne, Poland, soon opening an online store of mine too!!!

Abhijit: Which are your favourite techniques of surface ornamentation?

Rajat:    I am more of embellishment and embroidery person. I work with various different kinds and techniques of embroidery.

Abhijit: Where do you get your inspirations from?

Rajat:    Galaxy, shoots, stars or anything around me that clicks my attention.

Abhijit: Who is your muse?

Rajat:    Kangana Ranaut. (Popular Bollywood actress)She carries-off her clothes gracefully and gives character to the clothes she wears.

Abhijit: Do you follow any style when it comes to your creations?

Rajat:    Though I have a signature style of my own, the look varies from season to season keeping in mind the theme and season. But I can be versatile at the same time depending on client requirements.

Abhijit: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

Rajat:    They just have to focus, dream and work hard. Setting benchmarks for themselves is the key.

Abhijit: What trends do you see big in 2013?

Rajat:    Colors like Black and whites, Ochres, Mint, Ikat weaves. Tribal .geometrical and floral prints. Relaxed and refined silhouettes. Very chic and easy-going!

Abhijit: Would you like to share some of your future plans and endeavours?

Rajat:    I am aiming at international fashion weeks. Also I the process of launching my own shoe line. Tie-ups with high-end street fashion labels in U.S.Plans of venturing into interiors, products, accessories and also home furnishings.

It was an amazing experience interviewing the designer.

Rajat has established his own production studio in Mumbai, India and today has a specialized team of >25 staff who assist him in his day-to-day work even when he is busy traveling on international design projects, participating in global fashion events or sourcing exquisite fabrics from around the world.

Today fashion design label ‘RAJAT K TANGRI’ has not only carved a niche in the global fashion industry but a popular choice among both Hollywood & Bollywood film fraternities & Celebrities; and not to forget.. a darling of all the fashion magazines like VOGUE, ELLE, VERVE. Just name them!

We at “Eurasia Fashion Related Services “wish him a grand success in all his future endeavours.

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