Exclusive Interview: Rōze Traore

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I’m so proud to announce a new featuring and a special interview with now signed male model Rōze Traore, who was the FACE for Fashionably Male back in August, I’m so thrill to talk about it and whats his next plans:

FashionablyMale: Hi Roze is so nice to talk with you again, I can see on your new facebook fan page ( I see you been working hard and been hearing alot about you lately to get your achievements done, tell us what’s new with you and how do you feel about it?


Rōze Traore: Much much love man. preciate all the support.I am currently in South Africa working on my career and plan on going to Asia,Paris,London as a small tour. Because I know the look,talent and the attitude I have to offer needs to offered not only in those countries but the world. the way I feel about this whole cituation is it umbaleavable how things been going WAY to fast,don’t get me wrong I LOVE the feeling and I’m handling it well. Still lots of work to be done but my goals are getting marked down everyday. Also having the supporters is always a plus because there the ones that are always there for me.

FM: So tell me about your other passion as a Chef, how can you handle it with your model career?.


RT: Honestly as outsider it seems almost impossible. But after being a Chef for the past 3-4 years I learned to manage how to not be temped by so much extraordinary dishes. Every country I go to I made it a must to work in the top Restaurant or with top Chefs in those country’s. so that’s always good feeling to thing to be a part off.

FM: Great! What’s your favorite menswear?


RT: As far as menswears i been wearing a lot of Givenchy because my mood lately been a little exotic but crazy wild.

FM: What do you think about the blogs specially for men only, we all now that there thousand for female, what do you think about it?

RT: I feel that having a blog for men is excellent there isn’t many blogs that specifically focuses on us so it’s always a plus.


FM: What’s the best thing being a male model?

RT: The best thing about being a model is being able to put anything on and still look good in it as if it was personally made for you.

FM: and What’s the worst thing being a male model?

RT: The worst I would say is dealing with other models with too much of a big ego. It’s unnesasery.


For those who are keen to lovely food continue to appreciate it and enjoy it. This industry is all about being tested, if you and except rejection after being knock down so many times you will make it. At the end of the day my favorite saying us true… this is not for the week harded. -Rōze Traore.

FM: Tell us your favorite daily outfit?

RT: My daily outfit is definalty a cap, t-shirt, pants and boots, also consists of a specially made emperor chain/necklace.

FM: Thank you so much for doing it Roze, please keep it up, we hope lots of open doors for you, we had an excellent time, any words for all our readers and followers…

RT: I wanted to say thank you to all the followers and readers. Make sure they keep following the movement. More is coming…

Thank you so much Rōze Traore!!!! and keep it up for a great work. Who all the people interesting please go and like his Facebook fan page:

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