Interview with Kean…

Its weekend and we will publish one special interview with Kean – the amazing young guy from mumbai. He works as make-up artist and one of his biggest dream is to become a model. He will go international as androgyn male model like andrej pecic. We think that he has a great potential and wish him all the best for his upcoming career. ENJOY his interview and enjoy him. have a nice weekend


How did you start becoming a makeup artist?

I have always had a passion for art and it’s subordinates . While I was growing up I would always admire my mother dolling up before she left to go to work in the morning. That little face powder which helped brighten and even out the face , she also would use dapper tones of red to paint her lips and a hints of that same color would be just blended into the apples of the cheeks. To me it as wonderful , to me it’s brought great joy. Many a times I would sneak into all hr makeup stuff and try on sum of the makeup which I would have seen on Fashion tv. Later on in my life did I realize how important makeup was to me and how I began thirsting for the intricate art detail and structure of ones of the most talked about revolutions of today. I started  assisting Cory Wallia from whom I learned a great deal of things. Thereafter I applied for M.A.C where I’ve now found yet another platform to showcase who I am and what I’ve got.

What is the job that you have always dreamed about since childhood

As a child the fantasies of fashion has always attracted me. Color drama art and everything related to it has always caught my eye. Somewhere down the line I was confused but I always knew that if there was something I would ever do for a living I would be passionate about basking around passionately in expensive leather trench coats by high end designers with loads of makeup and full fledged glamour. I ve always admired the way skinny models old strut down the runway giving it all they have. The attitude the makeup the clothes and of course looking glamorous. I knew I wanted to be one of them and after doing a few shoots with a few close photographer friends I realize that I had it in me to do what I was really passionated about. It’s like a dream in it making almost coming true.


How is Mumbai to you?

To me it’s a city filled with dreams a lot of love and some such that you could saturate yourself with. At times the city is really cold hearted when it comes to acceptance with androgyny and gender identity but I guess dealing with it is what has made me so emotionally and mentally strong. The city is full of life, a lot of buzz and hype and an island of opportunities. Ground level landscapes where the rich and the poor live on the same street. Glamourous people speeding around in high end chauffeured cars down dingy lanes, gosh the contrast here is so breath taking and an experience one must experience.its a city that teaches and also helps you to learn about how it is to live your life in such a diversely crowded metropolitan.

You use extraordinary makeup do people  react to it?

To begin with I love looking over the top and I’ve come to terms with it myself. More so I’ve also realized that as long as you are comfortable in you own skin you could could give two hoots about the criticism. Accepting yourself first is very important if you wish for people to accept you. Also understanding how to behave talk and act at the necessary junctures is important. Undoubtedly today I have variety in my friends circle , considering how versatile I am when it comes to multiple personalities.a lot of time people just stand and stare at me in all awe, at times they smile. Here in India, homosexuality is not very accepted although its very rampant. Although I have 10 million expressions from people every day it just pleases me to know that they still look at me irrespective of what’s going on in their mind. I love the attention. Hehe


Hove you any bad experience?

I ve never really had any such kind of bad experiences although I ve faced a lot of criticism. Especially when you go out into the streets to fine dine of to shop,there are times where people don’t wanna attend to you just because you are gay. Here in this society people are very particular about what other people think of them and any kind of friendly gesture would have them linked up to the victim in a teasing spree. So men here are quite apprehensive t times to approach and talk yet form deep within you know that they are bursting from the seams.

Who is favorite Indian and international designer?

I personally love Manish Arora mainly because unusual things attract me and most of this garments have a story to tell. They are graphics colour full and solid. His vision is undoubtedly phenomenal and his clothes are mainly for strong women who are bold confident and out there. Surprisingly he is so versatile with the detailing of it all that even tho if a garment has too much going on it still looks like the cherry on the cake.

Internationally I admire Alexander McQueen considering the phenomial talent he had to display,his legacy is still a rave. His garments are so fluid feminine chich and impressive. I could use all the adjectives


What colors makes me happy?

To me colors make up my life but I personally love the colour black. I makes me think of all the different phases that I ve been through. And it also helps me in keeping my life at pace and know that I could derive so much of strength, inspiration and motivation just looking at that colors makes me happy.

Is Fashion a Passion?

To being with its an addiction. Lol

Fashion to me is a form of expression it’s your vision about yourself and the character of your personality that brings about an expression in the way you dress up and carry yourself. To me fashion is not about just throwing on a pair of branded clothes but it’s about what attracts me to a certain trend that I could identify myself with. And truly living it every day shows how passionate you are to yourself and indirectly  it’s shows in you body of work as an individual.


Name : Kean
Date of Birth : 20th May 1991
Nationality: Indian

Height : 5ft 8inches
Waist: 26 inches
Chest: 31inches
Shoe size: 8 UK

photo-8 photo-7 photo-6 photo-2


I started of as a budding stylist when I was 17 and then when I was around 19 I moved on to embracing the camera nude.. I did a few nude shoots for photographer friends of mine…I shot with Vikram Bawa and also appeared in a magazine called ‘Better Photography’ in the ” August 2010 issue ”

I then self trained the art of Makeup with the help of a very renounced and drea friend in the makeup scenes Cory Wallia… After brushing up my skill I moved to work for M.A.C Cosmetics…

WithM.A.C I managed to add a few more feathers to my hat I was M.A.C Pro trained and I am glad to be a part of the first ever M.A.C Pro India team.

It’s almost been 2 years now that I’ve been working at M.A.C

I plan to start off modelling all over agin maybe because I love to camera too much or it’s just that this form of art really ignites the burning passion of fashion within me……


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