Hello Sajjad…

Sajjad Delafrooz, was born in Iran on 22nd of November 1983, ever-since he shifted to Dubai (UAE) along with his family to live his life in city of Gold, Pears and Camels.

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Educational Status: 

– MBA (Master of Business Administration) Degree – HUB University in Dubai, UAE.
– Bachelor degree in the filed of Business Administration (Near East University – Cyprus, Europe)

For educational purposes he traveled to Europe to continue his education in the field of Business Administration, apparently he lived 4 years in Cyprus to complete his bachelor degree.

It was during those periods where he found himself that he has a great potential and talent in the field of Fashion and Acting.
He started attending fashion shows, got to know many Italian, Turkish, Cypriot designers and had a chance to be involved in organizing fashion shows in Cyprus & Turkey.

After his graduation he came back to Dubai and started working in in the field of Luxury brands and accessories for couple of well-known local & International mega stores.
his involvement in branding and Marketing, lead him to become more closer to his passion and desires.

He convinced himself to be more proactive by his potential talents after getting his first official role in TV commercial advertisement.

The set, Media, Acting, Modeling, Camera, Filming crews, fashion, … are those elements which Internally make himself satisfied & deeply happy.

Currently he is more focused on Acting in Film Industries & TV Commercials, and he is so keen to be an effective character in the field of Fashion & Modelling Industries.


Sajjad has been involved in many Well-known TV Commercials and cinematic movies.

In a very short time upon his hard working personality, He has established a great relationship among many media production houses locally and Internationally, such as Abu Dhabi Imagination, Abu Dhabi Film Commission, Dubai Film Commission, Abu Dhabi New York Film Academy, Twofour54 and many more.

He is quite talented and has a great potential to get himself involve in the character in a very short time, and most of the time as per the Director’s commends, he is able to take the role directly at the set with the high interactive emotions.

He is looking forward to expand his careers in the field of Acting International film industries and being an Iconic model for fashion & modelling activities.

Living in this multicultural country gave him opportunity to communicate with many different nationalities therefore at the present he speaks five different languages which are English, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi and Turkish.

Modelling and Acting Careers:
Fujairah Bank
ADIB (Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank) – TV Commercial
DU (emirates integrated telecommunications company)
Cheetoz – TV Commercial
Jumairah Hotel
Royal Opera House Muscat (Oman) – TV Commercial
General Motors – TV Commercial
Dubai Sport TV – TV Commercial
NBAD (National Bank of Abu Dhabi) – TV Commercial
Zain Telecommunication – TV Commercial
Al Ain Mineral Water

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