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Mikki Koomar Who Is Known As The MK In The Indian Film Industry (Bollywood) He Was Born On 20th February. He Was Born And Brought Up In Mumbai (India), He Have Changed The Spelling Of His Full Name From ‘Mickey Kumar’ To ‘Mikki Koomar’ In Accordance With Numerology

MK Is Very Handsome & Attractive With BLACK Eyes And Curly Hair.. His Twinkling Black Eyes, Winsome Smile, And Chiseled Body..

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About MK
“An Actor’s Life For Me” These Words Itself Define Mikki Koomar. Hi, This Is Mikki Koomar Here Standing And Let Me Give You An Insight Of My Life.

So Who Is Mikki Koomar? What Drives Him? What Are His Passions And What Is His Story So Far? I Know You Are Excited To Know The Answers To All These Questions. But Let Me Tell You A Secret About My Life. That! There Is No Secret. My Life Is An Open Book For All To Read.
I Am A Regular Guy With The Flavor To Make You Evening Interesting. I Am A Very Down To Earth Mumbaikar. But I Am Not One Of Your Average Joes. Since Childhood I Was Very Active, Energetic, Sporty And Competitive Guy. I Never Used To Take No For An Answer And If I Want To Achieve Anything Then Nothing Would Come In My Way. I Am Full Of Mixed Emotions So I Know That No One Gets Bored With Me.

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MK And His Religion
The One Thing You Need To Know About Me Is That I Have No Religion. This May Shock You But I Refuse To Be A Hindu, Muslim, Catholic Or Another Cast. I Feel That Being A Human Is More Important Than Being Related To Any Religion. I Believe In God, I Believe He Is A Divine Power Impartial To Everyone. I Believe He Loves All His Children Alike, Like A Mother Who Is Could Never Say Which Of Her Kids She Loves The Most, So Ask A Question To Yourself Who Are We To Question His Origin. He Is The Same For Everyone And He Is In The Heart Of Every Guy Regardless Of His Cast Or Religion. That’s Why, When People Ask Me Which Cast Or Religion I Belong I Simply Say “Hey I Am Mk. I Am An Artist And I Am Not Bound To Any Cast Or Religion”

MK And His Passion
Have You Ever Had The Inner Urge To Do Something? It When You Want Something So Bad That Even The Biggest Obstacle Will Seem Inconsequential. It Gives You Sleepless Nights And Keeps You On Your Toes. This Is The Adrenal That Fuels Me. I Have Been Dreaming With My Open Eyes. I Feel My Life Is Like A Movie, Every Take Counts And Every Take Should Be Perfect. Every Morning I Get Up With A Plan To Bring Me Closer To My Goals. I Am Motivated And Focused To Achieve My Goal And I Can’t See Anything Beyond That.

I Have Personally Felt That Everyone In His Life Has To Fight For What He Wants In This Competitive World And Unless You Don’t Stand Up For What You Want You Won’t Get It. I Call Myself A Fighter As I Fought For Everything In My Life That Is Close To My Heart. It Can Be My Dreams, My Desire Or My Passion. May Be Because Of That Contact Sports Have Been A Very Important Part Of My Life.

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MK And His Family
I Was Kid Born In The Mumbai Suburbs. Like Every Other Kid My Family Has Been My Power. I Have Always Felt Family Is The Backbone To One’s Life. I Have Always Felt Incomplete Without My Family, Even When I Am Out For Shows I Make A Point To Talk To My Family At Least Once In A Day. I Am The Eldest Son And I Have Three Younger Siblings Rocky, Durga And Rahul. It Is Really Difficult To Be The Eldest Among Your Sibling. I Had These Social Responsibilities Towards Them And My Parents. You Have To Be Like A Role Model To Them. Today When I See Their Proud Faces I Feel That Somewhere My I Have Achieved A Goal In My Life. I Feel Content, When I Look In To Their Eyes. It Likes They Tell Me That We Are Proud To Have You Are Our Brother.

MK And The Life Changing Moment
Let Me Tell You A Small Incident Of My Childhood, I Was A Small Kid Growing In The Suburbs Of Mumbai. And Movies Have Fascinated Me From My Child Hood. One Day I Was Sitting In My House And I Saw My Dad Shuffling Through The Channels And Then While Shuffling He Stopped At Doordarshan Channel. He Saw A Small Boy On The Television, Now This Boy Must Be Of My Age And He Had Mastered The Art Of Table. I Father Fondly Stared At Him While He Played His Masterpiece. Once The Kid Had Finished He Looked At Me And Said “That Kid Has Made His Parents Proud By Mastering This Art Form And Performing On The Stage At Such A Small Age, What Do You Plan To Do With Your Life”. Now I Was A Kid And Most Kids At My Age Won’t Even Know What They Are Going To Do An Hour Later. But I Knew I Had No Ordinary Fate And As I Looked In To My Dad’s Something From Deep Within Me Spoke To Him And Said Dad I’m Going To Be A Superstar (Hero). The Words Were Not Said By Some Kid It Was MK. I Know From That Day Onward That I Had To Be A Superstar. And From There I Started My Journey To Pursuit Of My Dreams.

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MK And His First Step To Success
At An Early Age I Enrolled Myself For Karate. While All The Other Kids Were Busy Riding Their Cycles Or Play Video Games, I Decided To Train Myself In The Art Of Body Discipline Through Karate. Now Let Me Tell You That I Had No Financial Backing From My Parents As My Mom Like Any Other Concerned Mother Was Worried About The Hazards Of Karate. But This Was Not Going To Stop Me To Pursuit My Dream. I Saved Money From My Pocket Money Sacrificing My Urge To Eat My Chocolate Like Other 13 Year Old. This Is How I Paid My Trainer.

At The Age Of Thirteen, I Participated In A Karate Tournament. I Had Waited For This Day For A Long Time. I Had Trained Myself For This Day. I Have Always Known That No Deed Goes Unrewarded, If You Want Something And If You Are Ready Fight For It Then No One Can Take It Away From You. I Gave My 100% And Fought My Way Like A True Warrior. That Was The Day When I Won My First Medal For All India Karate Tournaments. That Was The Proudest Moment Of My Life And Seeing My Picture In The News Paper Even Prouder.

When My Parent Saw My Photo In The Most Prestigious Paper In The Region They Couldn’t Control Their Happiness. They Say That Their Kid Is Not About The Talks. They Saw The Dedication In Me And My Will To Do Something Which Is Next To Impossible And He Is Not Doing It For Himself But Just To Make His Parents Heads High. This Was When They Started To Pay For My Karate Classes And They Have Supported Me In My Entire Path Since Then.

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MK And Dance
While I Was Getting Trained For Karate, I Felt That I Had More Energy To Give And Karate Was Just Occupying A Little Portion My Energy. So I Thought To Myself, How Can I Use This Energy To Achieve My Dream? I Wondered About It And Then Thought To Me That Every Action Hero Needs To Dance But It Is Difficult For Them To Dance With Their Stiff Physic. It Would Be A Treat For People If Their Hero Can Fight As Well As Dance. It Was Then I Started Training Myself For Dance. I Instantly Fell In Love With Dance Especially Hip Hop. I Felt It Came Naturally To Me. I Used To Train Myself For Hours Until I Get It Right. Even When I Was Alone I Used To Think Of Different Innovative Moves Or Steps And How To Perform Those Move. Sometimes I Would Go In My World And Do A Step You May Call Me Crazy But I Call Myself Dedicated. My Dedication And Hard Work Has Bought Me To Where I Am Right Now. Today I Am A Professional Dancer And A Trainer And Had A Successful Career As A Professional Dancer And Choreographer. I Even Have My Own Dance Training Institution And My Own Dance Group. We Performed In At Various Venues And Had Applauding Success .
MK And His First Love
Now As I Have Told You My Life Is Like A Movie. How Can A Movie Be Complete Without A Love Story Well I Have A Love Story. I Fell In Love And Let Me Tell You She Was Beautiful. She Made Me Laugh She Made Me Cry And I Knew That She Would Never Leave Me High And Dry. Doesn’t She Sound Amazing? Coz I Know She Is! She Is An Important Part Of My Life Part Of My Life. She Makes Me Smile When I Am Sad, She Motivates Me When I Am Down, She Makes Me Laugh When I Am Bored And I Feel My Day Is Incomplete Without Her. You Must Be Wondering Who Is This Incredible Women, But Let Me Tell You She Is Not A Women But My True Companion. She Is Cinema.

Yes I Was In Love With Everything She Had To Offer. I Fell In Love With It When The Hero Jumped In 30 Goons And Beats The Hell Out Of Each And Every One, I Loved It When A Normal Street Turned Into A Dance Stage, I Loved It When The Hero Always Gets The Girl And I Loved It The Most When The Good Prevailed Over Bad. I Was In Love With The Whole Concept Of Film Making, The Notion Where Everything Is Possible. It Was A Place Where A Normal Chaiwala Wins Millions Of Rupees, It Was Where Sunny Paji Stood Fearless In Front Of Hundred Pakistani Talking How Proud He Is To Be An Indian And A Place Where A Junior Artist Makes A Big Heroin Fall In Love With Him. I Decided That I Wanted To Be An Actor. But More I Wanted To Be An Artist. I Wanted To Be A Performer Who Has The Magical Powers To Put A Smile On Someone’s Face Or Make Someone Emotional. Thus Begins The Journey Of Mikki Koomar Aka MK.
MK And His Love For Nature
I Have Always Loved Nature. I Would Always Prefer Sitting On The Beach At Night Watching The Sea Than Going To A Loud Party. I Feel Beauty Is All Around Us And We Need To Appreciate That. So Every Now And Then I Would Go Out And Enjoy The Best God Has To Offer. I Just Love Nature And I Personally Feel That There Is Nothing More Refreshing Then This. It Gives You Such Positive Vibes To You. I Just Can’t Stand Negativity. People Who A Have A Lot Of Negativity, I Just Like To Stay Away From Them. I Just Have One Life To Live Why Waste It Thinking That I Can’t. I Just Do What I Love, If It Happens Then Well And If It Doesn’t Then What The Hell, I At Least Gave It A Try. My Mantra For Life Is Be Positive About Everything And Never Expect From It, Coz I Feel What Fun Is The Journey If You Keep Worrying About The Destination.

MK And His Spirituality
I Have Always Been A Good Loving Person. My God Has Been My Inspiration And My Strength In All Paths Of My Life. I Always Feel He Is Always There With Me Whenever I Am Out Or Indoors. He Is With Me When I Am Down Poring Confidence With Me. So It Won’t Be Wrong To Say That He Is My True Hero And Inspiration, And I Know He Is And Will Be With Me All My Life. I Hate It When People Call Gods Names. He Is There He Is For Everyone. He Is Not Bound By Any Cast Or Religion. So I Feel It Is Injustice To Him When We Differentiate Him. I Bow My Head In The Presence Of God. It Doesn’t Matter To Me If People Call Hi ALLAH, RAM, JEASUS Etc, I Believe He Is A Divine Energy And I Am Always Thankful To Him For Everything.

MK And Romance
You Have Seen The Fighter MK And The Spiritual MK, It’s Time To Introduce To You With Another MK. MK The Lover. Yes I Am A Crazy Romantic Person. I Can’t Tell You How Much I Love Being In Love. I Feel It’s One Of The Powerful Feelings That Drive A Person. It Is An Emotional Attachment Between Two People Which Cannot Be Defined. For Me It Has Always Been A Spiritual Experience. It Won’t Be Wrong When People Compare Love To Being Close To God Coz I Feel It Is A Heavenly Experience. A Lot Of Time People Confuse Love With Lust. I Don’t Blame People Coz Most Of The Time They Are Inexperienced And It Is Actually Difficult To Distinguish Between Both The Things.

MK and Achivements
Mikki Koomar Have Done Full Time Acting Diploma From Anupam Khers Actor Prepare,

I Played One Of The Lead Role In Theater Play Called Court Marshal At Anupam Khers Actor Prepares, Mk As “Captain Kapoor”

I Have Done Acting Theater As A Producer, Director And Writer, Play Called Stop All This Nonsence

I Have Won Goldmedal In National Level Karate Tournament , And Have 3 Years Experiance Of Boxing N Kick Boxing, I have Played State Level Boxing Tournament , I Have 1 Year Experiance Of Chest Boxing ,I Have Played State Level Comptition And Won Goldmedal In Chest Boxing State Level Tournament, I have played many international, national or state level free style, full contact mix martial arts comptitions.. and won many prizes

I Have Won 1st Prize In National Level Dance Comptition , The Show Had Organised By Hindustan Times , I Have Done More Then 50 Dance Shows In National Level As An Dance Performer, Assistent Choreographer And Independent Choreographer

Abstract Thoughts.
Loves Reality And Abstract. Intelligent And Clever. Honest And Straightforward, Friendly Nature
Changing Personality. Attractive. Sexiest Out Of Everyone. Temperamental. Quiet, Shy And Humble. Simple And Loyal. Determined To Reach Goals. Loves Freedom. Rebellious When Restricted. Loves Aggressiveness. Too Sensitive And Easily Hurt. Gets Angry Really Easily But Does Not Show It. Dislikes Unnecessary Things. Loves Making Friends. But Rarely Shows It. Horny. Daring And Stubborn. Ambitious. Realizing Dreams And Hopes. Sharp. Loves Entertainment And Leisure. Romantic On The Inside Not Outside. Believe In Humanity. Believe In Love. Believe In A Universal Power.
Superstitious And Ludicrous. Spendthrift. Tries To Learn To Show Emotions.


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