Joshua Again…

Its Saturday and here comes Joshua again. View his new shootings on IMM – Indian Male Models Blog and enjoy it. You also can check his older article here: Joshua – Real Man from London! Read more about him below the pics.

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Career Summary

A Fashion Model with 6 months experience in industrial projects, successfully modeled for brands such as [A, B, C] and possesses the specific attributes that many designers and fashion directors look for.
• Known for being flexible, adaptable, very stylish, versatile, efficient, hard-working, good at taking directions and capable of wearing all types of clothing styles.

Appearance and Physical Features:
• Age: 25 years
• Height & Weight: 6’2” & 65 kg.
• Size: 32/38/38
• Eyes: Blue
• Hair: Long Brown Hair

Type of Modeling
Editorial | Runway/Ramp | Catalogue | Print
Showroom | Swimwear | Sport/Fitness | Product

Key Skills and Qualities

• Good sense of style – Great facial projection.
• Tolerant and adaptable.
• Positive attitude, excellent stamina and communication skills.
• Ability to look good at all times.
• Know-how to dress up properly.
• Knowledge of make-up process applications.
• Excellent walking posture – Familiarity in different poses.

– To work in a fashion firm, in which I can utilize my modeling skills to become a perfect link between the brands and their clients.
• Professional Experience
Modeling for Print Ads for Magazines Debonair and Catalog concept shoots for various photographers in Usa and Uk.
Modeling for Press Ads for European Bags and Western Clothing Uk Brands.
Modeling for Commercial Ads for Mango Bite , Cadbury , Cheverolet Car , Ghani Kachi Mustard Oil , Max New York Life Insurance, Iphone 5
Ramp Fashion Show for Local Designers In London , Kreis Paradise Pondycherry and Charity show of Ashtatham Mumbai
A global leader in the fashion industry, ABC environment.
Key Contributions:
• Promoted new designs, products, clothes and services in television shows, commercials, films and videos.
• Presented clothing, designs and products in commercials, runways, advertisements, and/or fashion shows.

Selected Performance:
• Met frequently with potential clients to present new design, clothing and products.
• Follow strict routines of sport, diet, sleep and daily exercise to maintain great appearance.
• Dressed in sample or completed outfits, and select accessories.
• Made many changes backstage during shows and always kept poised appearance in front of audiences.
• Knows the routine of enhancing appearance effectively, considering aspects such as – colors, camera techniques and facial features.
• Maintained good relations with fashion customers to promote new products.

Education & Qualifications
International Business from University of Kent
Modeling as a Freelancer in London and in Usa currently in India.

Upon request:
• Portfolio and photos
• Composite card
• Reference of past modeling experiences.

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