WHOs NeXT…???


The Facebook community said that Jack Eid is the new Hrithik Roshan. The editorial stuff of IMM – Indian Male Models Blog met him this month in cologne, germany. He had a test shooting with our editor in chief George Andress and after that they made this short interview for all the fans of Jack Eid who will know who is this amazing guy. We are sure that he starts a successful career and YES he will come to India next year and is part of the Lakmé Fashion Week in Mumbai in March 2014.


You are an exotic type. What kind of a mix is in you? Tell us something about your roots!

JACK: “My mother is from Lebanon and is half Brazilian, my father is a Syrian Aramaic . I was born in Lebanon (Tripoli) – so I am a real hybrid.
Many of my friends think mostly that I am Lebanon Muslim, but no I ‘m not. My mother is Catholic and my father Orthodox, so I ‘m also Christian.
For me, everyone is a human being, no matter what religion you have.”


What are your hobbies, what do you like about yourself and what you dislike about you?

JACK: “My hobbies are: swimming, sports and standing in front of the cam, I also travel a lot and one of my biggest dream is to make a parachute jump. YES I am a crazy guy and love very much adventure.

I’m a guy, if I have something in my mind then I must also create it. I also give all my best to reach my goal and nobody can stop me. I ignore all the opines of my friends if they don’t like my way. I never give up and it makes me stronger. Its good that I have a lot of ambition, every human being should have ambition and set a goal.

I really dislike that I trust in people very fast… Sometimes its not good for me. But I need experience.”


When you start with the modeling?

JACK: “I had my first shooting this year in march and I am a New Face in the modeling industry. Now I am 16 years young and think thats the best time to start my career as male model and as well as actor.”


How was your first professional shoot for you?

JACK: “My first professional shooting was very difficult for me because I was the first time in front of a cam, I was very nervous, but after about two hours I have become looser. The photographer has given me lots of tips and advised me to take out several shootings. After I published my first the professional photos online, I got a lot of shooting requests from photographers and it was always professional.


What are your next goals?

JACK: “My next goals … I want to fly to India and will enter Bollywood. I love India and be one of the biggest fan of Bollywood. My idea was to start as model in India and am very happy that I have the chance for a ramp show at Lakmé Fashion Week in Mumbai. I think that I have better chance in the Bollywood Film Industry after becoming a well known model in India.


Your big dream?

JACK: “My big dream is that I acting with Hrithik Roshan and Shahrukh Khan in an Indian movie and I can even buy a big house for my mother.”

Your favorite actor?

JACK: “My favorite actors are: Hrithik Roshan, Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachan.”

Your favorite actress?

JACK: “My favorite actress is Aishwarya Rai, Kareena Kapoor and Kajol.


Favorite movie?

JACK: “OMG – Not so easy to answer this question, but I can tell you once my 5 favorite movies :
Kal ho naa ho
We are family
Veer Zaara
3 Idiots
Kuch kuch hota hai


Thanx a lot for the interview. Am proud to be part of IMM – Indian Male Models Blog and I am looking forward and hope that you comment this article. Kisses YOUR Jack…

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  1. Fernanda Salvador

    Ein sehr schönes Interview! Gefällt mir wirklich sehr.
    Jack ich wünsche dir das aller beste :* Hoffentlich schaffst du alle deine Ziele

  2. Yasmin

    a great interview with my favorite model here!
    I wish all the best and hopefully I see him once in an Indian “bollywood” movie for jack . Can you tell jack that please? And please do not forget me when the autograph cards are done, then I would have very much a.

  3. Priya

    A very handsome boy and looks much older than 16 years of. Jack welcome in India and I’m looking at you. Yes! He is the new Hrithik roshan.

  4. JOHN

    I am happy to see me jack ;). jack has a great charisma and you might think he was an Indian. Therefore, a good chance 😉 jack greed jack= Hrithik roshan

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