Prateek Jain – Mr. World India

We wish Prateek all the best for the Mr. World competition!

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On June 15, Provogue MensXP Mr India World 2014 Prateek Jain will compete in the Mr World pageant in Torbay, UK.

In a little over a fortnight, Rajasthan boy Prateek Jain will face his toughest challenge at the Mr World contest in the UK. Ever since he was crowned Provogue MensXP Mr India World 2014, Prateek has been undergoing round-the-clock training and grooming to prepare for the contest. As he leaves the country today for the contest, Prateek tells us that his extensive preparation has given him the “backbone of a fighter and the mind of a warrior”.

The words carry much weight for the model, who has fought many odds to reach this stage. A former investment banker, he quit his cushy 9 to 5 routine to become a mixed martial arts fighter since his heart wasn’t in number crunching. But an unfortunate injury forced him out of the combat sport and that’s when he took up modelling, shifting base to Mumbai six months ago. As luck would have it, Prasad Bidapa, who knew Prateek, suggested he participate in the Provogue MensXP Mr India contest and the rest, as they say, is history.

Prateek was an unanimous choice with the jury. Says Prasad, “He is six feet tall and looks like a romantic gypsy. His pure physical stamina, because of which he was also crowned Mr Iron Man, will help him score many points at Mr World.” Rocky S, who has created a customised costume for him for Mr Stylish, a crucial segment of the pageant, says, “I’ve created an Indian Jodhpuri jacquard jacket for him as it spells iconic status and represents the heritage of Indian culture.” Prateek’s finale tuxedo has been designed by Narendra Kumar. Miss India 2011 Ankita Shorey shared her international pageant experience with Prateek and personally oversaw his training for the extreme challenge subtitle and various other tasks at Mr World 2014. Talking about Prateek’s Mr World 2014 preparations, Miss India International Ankita Shorey said, “His strength, willpower and a balanced mind will help him in the toughest rounds like the extreme challenge, which is fast track sub-title.”

Help India win at Mr World by liking, commenting and sharing on the official Mr World India page o It’ll also help him win the Multimedia award, which will fast-track him to the top 10 of Mr World 2014.

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