Nazmul from Dhaka

We are proud to share Nazmul with you @ IMM – Indian Male Model. He is 24 years young and his goal is to become a famous model.  

Nazmul: “Hi everybody my name is Nazmul and I live in an area called Mirpur, which is located in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

I am 24 years old, and I live in Bangladesh together with my family. I come from an average family, and I have 2 more brothers.

Life has not Always been easy, and till about 5 years ago my physics was very thin and small. So small that people were Always making fun at me and teasing for not looking very healthy. People were ignoring me and not taking me serious.


Five years ago I decided to come up for myself, as I wanted to be heared and noticed. I started gym, just some very easy free hand excersizes. My body responded very quick, and within a very short period I started to see a difference, which encouraged me to continue.

When my body was building and growing, so was my confidence. Once a shy boy that was being teased, I became a role model for many kids in my neighbourhood. I can truly say that fitness changed my life completely. It not only gives me a good and healthy look, people take me serious and listen to me.


This is one of the biggest reasons to continue my gym and my routine. I want to become a national or even international fitness model, to stimulate the youth and be an example for them. Bangladesh and the youth here have such a bright future, but they need to stay on the right path. There is so much violence going on lately, and I am sure that if people take care of their body, will also take care of other people, they will keep a sound mind as well.

Although I just started modeling very recently, I already got one exciting publication for a Bangladeshi Fashion House. My dream is to get more assignments and more modeling jobs.”



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  2. Pingback: NEWS from Nazmul @ IMM | INDIAN MALE MODELS

  3. Sid

    Do you guys have validations about this being as truth, all this Namzul and all. I know who this guy is and its for sure not the one who have written all over here

    • All pictures we shared only with the permission of the models. Except the post we repost from other blogs. The reposted articles are with permission of the blog owner. All the models you see on IMM are sending us emails with all information. We have contact to all guys regarding to our own blog posts. But we must trust the models that they write us the truth.

      Kind regards
      IMM Team

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