ANAAM by Sumiran Kabir Sharma

Stunning all gender fashion label ANAAM proudly presents by IMM – Indian Male Models blog. ANAAM by Sumiran Kabir Sharma is one of the most creative GenNext fashion brands from India.

Check out how the all gender collection fits, if a man is wearing it…



The future of
sustainable fashion

(For us its traveling back to where we started)

As the great saint Param Guru Huzur Mehtaji Maharaj* has quoted:
“Waste nothing has been an important principle of my life. I have always advised men and women , young and old alike to see that they do not waste their time ,energy ,food , wealth,clothing , in short anything they possess lest they find themselves in want of them at the time of need. I also consider waste as nothing short of sin.”

So believing in these lines and practising them “sustainability” is a lifestyle.
Coming from a country like India where sustainability is a part of our culture Spirituality is what India is known for. Karma is what we believe in. Everything in the past was a piece of fabric which was draped by men or women in a way they wanted on the head or at the bottom or top. Being naked was a part of our culture and not a big deal in the past where Hindu women would wear just drapes at the bottom with nothing on the top. Coloring the body with haldi (turmeric powder), heena (mehandi) applied as temporary tattoo on hands and feet, also used for coloring hair, a bindi worn on the forehead, chandan spread on the body as a perfume are all sustainable techniques of being fashionable and representing yourself. They are a definition of our identity.
So instead of future of sustainable fashion we would like to go back to our roots, history and culture. We travel back to where we started. Organic fabrics such as bamboo silk, hemp, soy, organic cotton, khadi were all a part of our culture and history.
And sustainable fashion is all about creating products with pure consciousness. So when from the seed sown at the organic farm with a positive happy vibe to the producing of the cotton plant, flower, and then the yarn to the vegetable or organic methods of dying them and then the process of weaving the fabric to generating the silhouette, to the tailoring at all the stages of the design process has to involve good karma, positive energy. Fashion consciousness creates a market for customers who are also conscious about the consumption. They are aware of themselves…

*Param Guru Huzur Mehtaji Maharaj is the 6th revered guru of the Radhasoami Faith Dayalbagh in Agra, India. Sumiran follows him. 



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